GPTVideos Review 2024 🔥 — ChatGPT For Videos?

17 min readDec 18, 2023
GPTVideos Review 2024
GPTVideos Review 2024

GPTVideos Review 2024 — ChatGPT For Videos?

Video marketing is hands down the most successful and most profitable digital marketing strategy. Here is a fun fact: 73% of buyers watch a product review video before making a purchase.

More fun facts:

- People spend 2.6x more time on a page with a video content.

- Social media algorithms are OBSESSED with video; they push video content to get more reach.

- Including a video in an email can boost your click rate by 300%!

- Google loves video content. Websites with videos are 53x more likely to rank on the first page.

- 90% of online buyers say product videos help them make purchasing decisions.

But why a lot of people don’t take advantage of such an incredible strategy?

- It consumes a great deal of time, effort, and money.

- It’s a craft that requires technical knowledge and experience.

- The process is challenging and needs an idea, a script, and a complex and high-end video editing software.

We all saw the revolution of Chat GPT, and how it enabled anybody to create high-quality unique content instantly with simple clicks.

Imagine if there is a Chat GPT that creates video…

Imagine with a few clicks, you can get ideas, write a script, and turn that script into a mind-blowing video with background music and a human voiceover!

Well, the imagination now becomes a reality, my friend!

I introduce you to GPTVideos: The revolutionary video creation tool that will let anybody literally create STUNNING videos using AI with simple clicks.

Let’s dive deep into this tool and see its features, how it works, and how you can use it to make the most out of your business and your career to achieve your goals and ambitions.

Table of Contents:

· GPTVideos Overview

· What is GPTVideos?

· GPTVideos Creator

· How Does GPTVideos Work?

· GPTVideos Demo

· GPTVideos Features and Benefits

· GPTVideos Bonuses

· GPTVideos Advantages and Disadvantages

· Who Should Get GPTVideos?

· GPTVideos Price, Upgrades, and Discounts.

· GPTVideos Frequently Asked Questions

· GPTVideos Conclusion — Final Verdict

GPTVideos Overview

· Product Name: GPTVideos Commercial

· Creator: Jai Sharma

· Niche: Video creation software

· Official Website: Click Here

· Overall Rate: 4.7/5

· Recommended for: Video Marketers, Freelancers, Bloggers, and Online Business Owners.

· Support: 24/7

· Guarantee: 30-Day money-back guarantee.

What is GPTVideos?

What is GPTVideos?
What is GPTVideos?

GPTVideos is a web-based software that uses the latest AI technology (ChatGPT 4) to create stunning videos.

All you have to do is put a keyword, and GPTVideos will:

- Suggest different topics and ideas for your keyword.

- Write a professional script that offers huge value to the audience.

- Match the script with related high-quality videos and images.

- Put suitable music and professional voiceover.

You have the ability to adjust and customize any part.

You can change the text, add different images and videos, change the music and the voiceover, and add different graphics and animations. You have COMPLETE control over any part of the video creation process.

GPTVideos can make the video creation process easy, so fast, and efficient even for people with ZERO experience and technical skills.

Transform Ideas into captivating videos effortlessly — Try GPTVideos Now!

GPTVideos Creator

GPTVideos Creator
GPTVideos Creator

Jai Sharma, is an 8-figure internet marketer and software developer. He has been successful for his perfect combination of marketing knowledge and technical experience. He has launched lots of HIT, 6-figure software solutions that helped a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs amplify their profits and achieve their goals.

Examples of his block-busting launches are X Funnels, Smart Ads Builder, Push Leads, and X Mails.

Jai Sharma has been covered by highly sophisticated business sites and magazines, such as Forbes, IBT, Yahoo Finance, and The American Reporter which gives him credibility as one of the most successful internet marketers In the whole world.

How Does GPTVideos Work?

How Does GPTVideos Work?
How Does GPTVideos Work?

GPTVideos is a cloud-based app. It doesn’t need to install or download anything; just log in and start creating your video using your internet browser.

After logging in, you have four options to create your video with:

1- Create a video by entering a keyword.

2- Convert an article or a blog post into a video by copying the link.

3- Create a video using +150 awesome, Ready-made templates that professional expert has created.

4- Start from scratch and unleash your creativity.

1- Creating a video by entering a keyword.

After entering a keyword, GPTVideos will you different topic suggestions.

After selecting a topic, let the AI do its magic and write a flawless and unique script for you.

After generating the script, you have the option to edit and adjust the script according to your liking, or you can simply make the AI generate a different script for you.

If you’re satisfied with the script, you can go to the next step which is making the AI convert the script into an amazing and professional video matching the main keywords with relevant high-quality images and videos.

Your whole video will be divided into slides, each slide has a different scene.

Then, you can customize your slides however you want:

  • You have the ability to change the images and the videos from GPTVideos’ huge stock, royalty-free library.
  • You can upload your own images and videos.
  • You can customize the slides’ text, color, and font.
  • You can include your logo.
  • You can add different shapes, elements, animations, and transitions between the scenes to make the video look amazing and professional.

After that, once you’re satisfied with your video, you can move on to the next step which is adding music and a voiceover.

You have lots of choices for music from meditative to inspiring; choose one according to the purpose of the video.

Also, you have a wide variety of voiceovers that sound like real human voices. With a click of a button, you can add any voiceover you want whether it’s English, Spanish, or Japanese, the AI will incorporate it to your video with the right timing and synchronize it with the scenes automatically without the need to synchronize it yourself.

Finally, after your video is ready you can render it and download it using their fast-burning rendering servers that can render your video in moments.

2- Convert an article or a blog post into a video by copying the link.

Are you a blogger? Want to explode your blog’s traffic using the power of video marketing? Lucky for you ’cause GPTVideos will make this happen so easily!

Using GPTVideos and its Ultra-smart AI technology, you can convert any blog post or article into an amazing video masterpiece!

After copying your article’s link, GPTVideos will summarize the article keeping the main keywords and ideas without missing any important stuff.

After that, you can adjust your script, once satisfied, GPTVideos will transform it into a mind-blowing video in seconds.

Then you can edit, customize, add music and a voiceover, and publish.

GPTVideos Demo

Watch the video

Don’t Just Tell A Story, Show it! — Supercharge your communication with GPTVideos!

GPTVideos Features and Benefits

GPTVideos has LOTS of powerful features that can help you create pro videos easily and quickly even if you are a total newbie and don’t have any experience.

Some of these features are:

1- Four Options To Start Creating Your Videos

  • Enter a keyword and let GPTVideos create a pro video for you.
  • Copy a URL to turn any article or blog post into a mesmerizing video.
  • Choose from +150 Ready-made Templates made by professional experts.
  • Start from scratch and unleash your creativity.

2- Drag & Drop Editor:

- Easy to use drag and drop editor.

- Drag images, videos, elements, and text, etc.

- You can copy the style of any element.

3- Hundreds of Ready-made Templates To Choose From

- Informational, promotional, blogging, and educational professionally-made templates.

- Designed by experts.

- Everything is perfectly done for you, the videos, the images, and the text, all you have to do is customize.

- Suits every niche you can think of.

4- Rich Library That Contains Millions of Stock Media

- Royalty-free stock videos, images, trending GIFs, and animated stickers.

- Cover every niche possible.

- You can reach them by writing a keyword in a search bar.

5- Crop, Resize, Mask, and More

- You can crop any image, resize it, and mask it so easily with a click of a button.

6- Saved Upload Library

- All your uploads from your projects are saved and easily accessible in one place.

7- Stand Out with +500 Fonts

- Rich library of fonts to choose from.

- Create a unique and appealing brand identity.

- Suit every style and tone.

8- Amazing Stickers, Graphics, Shapes, Icons, and More

- Enrich your videos with a wild jungle of elements library to create a professional look on your videos.

9- Add Amazing Animations

  • Make your audience more engaged and glued to your videos by professional transitions incorporated between the scenes.
  • Fade in, fade out, Crossfade, Zoom in, Blur out, and other amazing effects that can bring your stories to life and add a professional touch to your videos.

10- Pop Your Images with Filters

- A wide range of filters and special effects that can make your images more noticeable and have an artistic style.

11- Rearrange Your Video Slides and Undo Mistakes

  • A quite intuitive user experience that enables you to easily arrange your slides.
  • You can add, delete, duplicate, and rearrange your slides easily using the drag-and-drop editor.
  • You can undo any mistake with a click of a button.

12- Encourage actions with CTA

- Boost the conversion rate of your videos by adding a call-to-action button.

- Whether you want your viewers to visit your site or order your product, this feature is extremely helpful for you.

13- Ready-to-Use Text Blocks

- Professionally made, with the perfect font, size, and color.

- Save time and effort.

14- Text-Styling

- You can customize your text in the videos to match the style and the appearance of your brand.

15- Perfect Alignment

  • You will be able to align every element on your slides so accurate and so perfect thanks to this pro feature.

16- Multiple Languages

- Distribute your masterpieces around the world and reach a GLOBAL audience with the ability to create videos in ANY language you can think of.

Elevate your brand with GPTVideos — The Future of Video Marketing!

GPTVideos Bonuses

GPTVideos Bonuses
GPTVideos Bonuses

GPTVideos is a REVOLUTIONARY and EXCEPTIONAL software, not only because of its powerful features, but also because of its amazing set of bonuses, worth thousands of dollars, offered for free which increase the value of GPTVideos and make it more cost-effective.

The bonuses you are getting FOR FREE after purchasing GPTVideos are:

1- VIDEOO (6 Months Account)

- Video hosting platform and video player.

- Vimeo alternative; no need to pay monthly and yearly hosting fees.

- Free video upload.

- Lifetime video hosting.

- Embed your videos to unlimited websites.

2- TubePal ( 6 Months Account)

- YouTube Marketing Tool.

- Tubebuddy alternative.

- Get maximum views and subscribers on your YouTube channel.

3- PrimeStocks (6 Months Account)

- More than 10 Million PREMIUM 4K stock videos and images.

- It includes a wild jungle of high-quality animations, GIFs, victors, and audio.

- You can use it on your site and videos.

- There is no need to spend money on stock media platforms like Pixabuy and Pexels.

4- ProMails (6 Months Account)

  • Email marketing software.
  • Replaces all spam-triggering words.
  • Makes your mail content 10/10.
  • Creates super engaging emails with emojis and UTF characters.
  • Get 3x more open rate.

5- Progressive App Builder (6 Months Account)

- Create lightning-fast apps with 2 steps.

- Step 1: Enter the URL of your blog, website, or Shopify store.

- Step 2: Upload the generated file on your website’s HTML.

Voila! Your app is ready! It’s that simple.

6- YouSuite (6 Months Account)

- YouTube SEO tool.

- Grab your competitors’ traffic and customers legally.

- Find thousands of royalty-free videos on your niche.

- How to publish video ads on Page 1# on Google & YouTube.

- Start driving targeted traffic from YouTube.

- A to Z guides, strategies, and training videos to rake in thousands of leads with less money spent possible.

7- VoiceFox (6 Months Account)

- Next-generation text to voiceover software.

- More than 400 life-like voices.

- + 60 languages available.

GPTVideos Advantages and Disadvantages


- The fastest and smartest video creation tool because it uses the most advanced AI technology: GPT 4.

- User-friendly and easy to use: With drag and drop editor, no need to have any technical skills or coding experience.

- Web-based app that is compatible with any device as long it has an internet connection.

- All you have to do is enter a keyword to create a full-blown video for you.

- It writes professional and unique scripts.

- It contains hundreds of ready-made templates designed by experts.

- It has an enormous library of stock media to choose from (1.5 Million).

- Wide range of music and voiceovers.

- Huge selection of elements, icons, and breathtaking animations to have a professional touch on your videos.

- You have FULL control to customize and adjust every single detail on your videos.

- Convert any blog post into a mesmerizing video by just copying the URL.

- Create videos in Any language you want to reach a global audience.

- Commercial License included: You can sell and monetize the content created with GPTVideos.

- Fast video rendering.

- Huge Bonuses worth thousands of dollars you can get free of charge.

- Affordable price.

- 30-Day No Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee.

Engage, captivate, and convert. GPTVideos empowers your message like never before! Ready to make an impact?


  • You Need To Revise and Adjust Your Videos:

Don’t rush it, and be alert that AI is not always accurate, so you need to adjust your videos in every detail before publishing.

  • The Templates Are Limited Compared To Other Apps.
  • The app is a bit laggy on Firefox, but it runs smoothly on Google Chrome.

Who Should Get GPTVideos?

The following categories can find GPTVideos extremely helpful:

Bloggers: They can leverage video marketing strategy to drive maximum traffic to their blog by converting their blog posts into amazing videos with simple clicks using GPTVideos.

Freelancers: They can get paid by selling each video they create to clients. Also, they can get paid using one of GPTVideos' powerful features, such as writing a professional video script, incorporating a voiceover, or translating the video to different languages.

Affiliate Marketers: They can drive insane traffic to their affiliate links using GPTVideos power to create captivating product review videos with a CTA button that encourage people to take action and buy.

Online Business Owners: They can create persuasive, high-converting sales videos using GPTVideos.

Social Media Marketing Agencies: They can engage targeted audiences and amplify their reach using GPTVideos' ability to create engaging social media videos.

Influencers and Content Creators: They can keep creating breathtaking content for their followers so easily using GPTVideos.

Video Marketers: They can create more professional videos quickly and efficiently without spending so much time and money on regular video editing software.

GPTVideos Price, Upgrades, and Discounts

GPTVideos Price, Upgrades, and Discounts
GPTVideos Price, Upgrades, and Discounts

With GPTVideos, you will have the smartest and most advanced AI technology, GPT 4, in your hands!

And all you have to do is enter a keyword and GPTVideos will:

- Suggest different ideas for your keyword.

- Write a flawless and unique video script.

- Automatically match the script with relevant videos and images.

- Automatically add the most appropriate music and voiceover.

- Give you the ability to customize and control everything by giving you more than 1.5 Million high-quality stock media (videos, images, graphics, audios, and voiceovers) to choose from.

- Render your video so fast with its fast-burning servers.

Also, GPTVideos comes with a set of awesome bonuses:

1- VIDEOO (6 Months Account)

2- TubePal ( 6 Months Account)

3- PrimeStocks (6 Months Account)

4- ProMails (6 Months Account)

5- Progressive App Builder (6 Months Account)

6- YouSuite (6 Months Account)

7- VoiceFox (6 Months Account)

Guess what, you can get all of these amazing features and bonuses at a very affordable price: $37!

With only $37 you can access GPTVideos FOREVER and create UNLIMITED videos using the WILDEST AI video creation software ever created!

And you’ll get a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

This offer is UNBEATABLE, I’ve got to advise you to take action very soon because the creator announced that the price is going to rise. So take the opportunity and get GPTVideos at the LOWEST PRICE possible!

GPTVideos Otos (Upgrades)

Oto 1 — GPTVideos Unlimited — $67

Main Features:

  • Exclusive Templates.
  • Unlimited Videos.
  • Unlimited Campaigns.
  • Unlimited Length of Your Videos
  • Unlimited Video Rendering.
  • Team Access: Up to Ten Sub-users.
  • Premium Support.

Oto 2 — GPTVideos Webstories — $47

  • With one click, you can turn any video into a web story that ranks on the first results on Google.
  • Get INSANE traffic.
  • Very Recommended.

Oto 3 — Revideo Attention Grabbing Videos — $67

Turn any dull and ordinary video into a super exciting engaging video with three clicks!

Click 1: AI automatically transcribes your audio into subtitles.

Click 2: AI generates audio-waves automatically to get the professional touch that grabs your audience's attention.

Click 3: Add an attention-grabbing heading bar at the top of the video.

Additional Features:

- +100 PREMIUM templates to choose from.

- Brand assets to personalize your videos and add your logo with one click.


Without Revideo Attention Grabbing Upgrade:

With Revideo Attention Grabbing Upgrade:

Oto 4 — Fomoclips: Stop Scrolling 3D Videos — $67

Enforce internet browsers to stop scrolling when they see your super engaging 3D videos!


Before Fomoclips:

After Fomoclips:

Oto 5 — GPTVideos Agency — $297

- Start a ready-made, profitable online business immediately:

- Get the right to sell up to 100 GPTVideos accounts under your brand name and keep 100% of profits to yourself!

- Use GPTVideos’ powerful marketing material to promote your business.

- Everything is set up for you, the website, the hosting, the payment system, they even handle the customer support for you!

- Huge business opportunity.

GPTVideos Coupon Codes Discount

Copy this coupon code: lastchance and get a $3 discount!

Act soon before the code expires!

GPTVideos Bundle (Very Recommended):

Get GPTVideos + All the upgrades for $297.

Cost-effective offer: Save $285!

Copy this coupon code: gptbundle40 and get a 40% discount!

Act soon before the code expires!

Time to stand out! Create STUNNING videos with GPTVideos and leave a lasting impression!

GPTVideos Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the goal of this application?

This tool is a fantastic asset and a breakthrough in the video marketing industry. It creates visually appealing and professional videos for social media with simple clicks. It has several features, including Drag & Drop editor, Global Libraries, and MILLIONS of Images, videos, and Gifs, to assist you in producing engaging videos for your audience.

Q. If I run into any problems with the app, is there a support staff I can contact?

A. Absolutely, GPTVideos has a committed support staff to assist you with any problems or inquiries you might have. They can be contacted by email or chat, and they will help you to solve the problem as fast as possible.

Q. Is GPTVideos easy to use?

A. With a straightforward user interface, GPTVideos is made to be both user-friendly and intuitive. With the drag-and-drop editor, creating and customizing videos is a breeze. You can add extra flair to your videos by selecting from a range of templates, effects, animations, and other elements.

Q. What kinds of videos can I make using GPTVideos?

A. You can use GPTVideos to make a wide range of social media videos. The tool offers everything you need to make amazing videos that will attract your audience, whether you want to create a professional-looking video or a playful casual one to entertain your audience.

Q. Can I use my own Images and media?

A. Yes you can include your own images and your own media in your videos. They can be uploaded and seamlessly combined with GPTVideos' pre-designed templates to produce original and eye-catching videos.

Q. What is the current supported sizing for videos made with this app?

A. The app supports horizontal and vertical videos to ensure the optimal viewing experience on all devices. The videos’ size has been tailored to suit every website and social media network.

Q. Is there a maximum amount of videos I can make?

A. The quantity of videos you can make is unlimited. You are free to make as many videos as you want, which you can then quickly save, export, and post to your social network accounts.

Q. Will GPTVideos function on a Mac or Windows computer?

Any device with an internet connection can be used to access this web-based application. You can run it on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, And you don’t need to download any software or bother about any system configuration in order to use this app.

Q. Can I incorporate special effects and animation into my videos?

A. Yes you can incorporate a wide range of animations and special effects into your videos using GPTVideos. Your videos will have more activity and movement when you include these animations and customize them to your specifications.

Q. Does GPTVideos need any technical skills on my part?

A. No, GPTVideos is meant to be simple to use. No technical expertise is required. You can quickly and simply create and modify your videos using GPTVideos’ drag-and-drop editor in a matter of minutes.

GPTVideos Conclusion — Final Verdict

To conclude, GPTVideos is a breakthrough in the video creation software niche. It uses the most advanced AI technology ( Chat-GPT 4) to make the video creation process so easy that anyone can create amazing and engaging videos without any kind of experience or technical knowledge.

To create a video, all you have to do is enter a keyword and GPTVideos will:

- Suggest different topics for your keyword.

- Write a pro video script that educates and engages your audience and offers value.

- Match this script with the relevant videos and images.

- Automatically incorporate suitable music and voiceover.

- Render your video in its fast-burning servers.

This whole process can take only a few minutes, which means that you can create TENS of amazing masterpieces every day.

No need to hire a video creator and pay a crazy amount of money for one video.

No need to purchase complicated video editing software that requires technical skills and experience, and charge annual fees and additional costs.

GPTVideos is perfect for bloggers who can convert their blog posts into engaging videos by simply copying the link of their blog post and GPTVideos will do its “magic”.

GPTVideos comes with a set of huge bonuses:

1- VIDEOO (6 Months Account)

2- TubePal ( 6 Months Account)

3- PrimeStocks (6 Months Account)

4- ProMails (6 Months Account)

5- Progressive App Builder (6 Months Account)

6- YouSuite (6 Months Account)

7- VoiceFox (6 Months Account)

With that being said, I totally recommend GPTVideos for anyone who wants to take advantage of video marketing and use it in his/her business.

The features are phenomenal, the price is affordable, and it comes with EXCEPTIONAL discounts that make this offer UNMISSABLE.

And it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so Why not give it a shot?

Transform your ideas into visual masterpieces — Grab GPTVideos Now!

SURPRISE FOR YOU: if you grab GPTVideos through any link on this page, I will give you a set of exclusive and valuable bonuses as a thank-you.

GPTVideos Review
GPTVideos Review

To claim your bonuses, just send the receipt to my email: darrylhudson86@gmail, and I’ll send you the bonuses right away.

Thank you for reading this GPTVideos review 2024; let me know if you have any inquiries, I’d be more than happy to help you out.

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Say goodbye to video editing headaches. Discover GPTVideos — Where innovation meets simplicity.

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